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 A FREE VALUES Tool For You!

This is a free benefit to all users and a great first step on your coaching journey.

Once you know what your values are,
you will see how they inform most of your decisions and understand what drives and motivates you.

If you are having difficulty in setting goals,
once you know what your values are,
you will be able to select goals, roles, activities that align with your values!

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Valueneurs is made up of qualified coaches, celebrating their personal journeys as mentors by addressing various needs, both business related and personal, to help you move forward.

Intentionally serving others. Empowering growth, mentally and emotionally.

Our Mentor Coaches are qualified, experienced and established in their field.


I have been a Valueneurs Mentor Coach for a year now and can honestly say, it is one of the best decisions I have made. I live in a remote area and being a part of a collaborative team is very important to me. In addition to the positioning, marketing and opportunity to write blogs and muses, we are able to connect with other Mentor Coaches on the platform as part of our monthly fee. These connections have proven invaluable to me in my journey, personally and professionally, over the last 12 months. I highly recommend Valueneurs to other coaches – when we collaborate and learn from each other, the sky is the limit!

Kerryn Powell

My process with Sibylle was truly transformational, as I was able to access past incorrect beliefs and emotions that held me back and re-author those to assist me to move forward in a far more empowered way. If you open yourself to the process, you will get truly remarkable results.
Diane Ritson

While the 30 minutes whizzed by so quickly, I felt that it, in fact, assisted in pushing us to focusing on the topic at hand. In this case, I wanted to get guidance on my business brand. Liesl Cronje asked all the right questions and at the end of it all, I felt so much clarity on what my brand message and meaning was.
Thank you Liesl for giving me an insightful and impactful check-in session!
Lisa Bell

I thoroughly appreciated my experience with Valueneurs. I believe this is exactly what solopreneurs need to be able to grow their business. It’s easy, affordable and the coaching I received was extremely helpful. It’s a resource to which I’ll be returning again and again as my business evolves.

Abigail K