Valueneurs® is a UNIQUE and powerful platform designed to provide the User with the “convenience to connect”/check in” with a mentor coach specific to their need, from anywhere and anytime. Underpinned by passion and experience, Valueneurs® is a safe space for the User that delivers multifaceted results. Valueneurs® has successfully bridged the gap between technology and a personalised experience, which can be used via smartphones, computers or tablets.

By creating a platform of constructive dialogue we aim is to fast-track Users to achieve their short term personal, while building RESILIENCE. Users can select and engage in a 30-minute Check-In session with the Mentor Coach/es whose skills and expertise suit their needs. Valueneurs® Mentor Coaches are all accredited and registered with recognised Coaching Regulatory Bodies which assures Professional and Ethical Conduct.


Values Proposition

Accessible: the capability to reach the underserved and remote users at different locations on mobile phones, tablets and desktops

Affordable: flexibility and cost effectiveness

Accountable: fully qualified coaches



To ensure EVERYONE has access to a Mentor Coach.



Moving people forward! Our mission is to grow people by; helping them, help themselves.