With over 20 years taking entrepreneurs to market, the founder of Valueneurs™, Linda Remke, realised there was a huge gap in the market for a convenient entrepreneurs coaching service. With her love of assisting budding start-ups with more than just their branding and marketing, Linda has been coaching and holding their hands through various business challenges. The need to have access to a mentor or a coach whilst you grow and building your business is fundamental to the sustainability of that business.


With stats such as only 7% of our GDP is contributed to by small to medium sized enterprises, it is obvious that running your own business in this country isn’t easy. In comparison, the stats from emerging countries show that 45% of SME’s contribute to employment and form a third of the national income. (stats compliments of The World Bank)


Its clear that those who take the plunge to walk away from corporate and move into their own business are finding it tough. Linda believes it is the lack of support on all levels, a problem she decided to remedy with her creation: Valueneurs™.


With the ability to connect to a Mentor Coach for 30 minute VIRTUAL Check-In sessions, as often as you like, with the aim to seeking assistance on all possible aspects of business and life, you can find help with Valueneurs™, a community of heads, hearts and hands.


Linda had this to say, “Everyone deserves to have a Mentor Coach. Now’s your chance!!
Mentor Coaching has never been so accessible!


If you are at the beginning stages of your business start-up and you are experiencing issues with staff or simply are worried about cash flow. Who do you turn to? Perhaps a fellow colleague. Maybe a family member or friend. These are not bad actions, but can they really help you through what you are experiencing? An experienced and professionally trained Mentor Coach can. And, this is what Valueneurs™ offers. Qualified Mentor Coaches with years of experience dealing with a variety of challenges that running your own business brings.




1.  Sign up via our website (mobile apps to be launched soon!)
2.  Complete the Values Exercise (which helps you and the Mentor Coach understand you better)
3.  Choose a Mentor Coach that suits your need (read through their bios)
4.  Purchase your package of sessions (a few options to choose from)
5.  Book your sessions




It really couldn’t be simpler.




The whole aim behind Valueneurs™ is to provide an easy access Mentor Coaching service, and so, we suggest you connect via one of the various mobile platforms available – this could be Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom or whichever platform you prefer. The Mentor Coach will fit in with your needs.


We are excited to welcome you to Valueneurs™, the FIRST CHOICE COACHING APP to entrepreneurs and the rest of the South African community.


Go on – give it a try – CLICK HERE!