Mentor Coaches

Valueneurs® Mentor Coaches are all accredited and registered with recognised Coaching Regulatory Bodies which assures Professional and Ethical Conduct. Celebrating their own personal journeys as mentors, they address various needs, both business related and personal, to help you move forward.

You can work with the same Mentor Coach in every session
or choose a different person each time, based on the discussion you would like to have.

Adila Aboo

Performance Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Emotional Intelligence

Ann Baret

Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Development
Optimising Brain/Body System


Personal & Business Self-Management
Time-&-Task Accountability

Cindy Bessell


Chrisna Stander

Motivation & Drive
Purpose & Identity Discovery
Youth & life direction

Christa Stander

Purpose & Identity
Develop Spirit-Mind-Body Connection
Mindful Transformation 

Darryn Brooks

Employee Assistance
Change Coaching
Business & Personal Branding

Gary Hirson

Leadership Skills
Time Management

Hilary Henderson

Pivot coaching
Retirement/Retrenchment coaching
Health Professionals

Ian Houston

Business Leadership
Career Direction

Karen Cohen

Educational Learning Specialist
Mind & Body Transformation

Kerryn Powell

Business Leadership
Affecting Change

Lila Ukabhai

Leadership Development
Mindfulness Stress Reduction
Transformational Coaching

Linda Remke

Entrepreneurial Leadership
Business Branding

Malcolm Fiellies

Career Coaching
Change Management
Business  Management
Nonhlanhla Nyathikazi

Nonhlanhla Nyathikazi

Leadership Development & Coaching
Life Coaching
Relationship Coaching

Ronelle Joubert

Life/Transformation Coaching
Pastoral Coaching
Relationship Coaching

Rosal Khoury

Career Coaching
Business/Executive/Entrepreneur Coaching
Transformation/Transition Coaching

Sophia Roman

Personal Change
Girls/Women Leadership

Stephanie Joy Dawson-Cosser

Relationships (Professional & Personal)
Leadership Development
Anxiety & Stress management