“a community of heads, hearts and hands
to reach out to whenever you need it”

The purpose of this business is to bring joy and ease to the coaching experience.

We have provided a platform to conveniently connect Users with Coaches Making a difference in the lives of others.

Our Users will experience meaningful shifts in the areas of life that matter most to them.

Founder, Linda Remke

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Opportunist and Survivor, are words that spring to mind when one considers the philanthropic soul that is Linda Remke. Linda is a spirited optimist and creative expert with over 20 years experience of leadership in the advertising, marketing and communications industry.

Dedicating her energy to EVEOLVE® some 10 years ago, has established her as a Master Coach. Ever the visionary and strategist, and having a special ability to conceptualise, she gave birth to VALUENEURS™.  Add to this her immense passion for adding Value to lives and you will see a combination that is destined to be yet another one of Linda’s success stories. As many of your clients will tell you, a walk beside Linda will take you on an unforgettable and fruitful journey, however Linda never does this alone…

Helping Others Prosper, Prospers Me” Linda Remke

Shareholder, Henk Stander

Henk is a passionate leader with first class communication skills and a 30-year long track record of investments in business start-ups.  He has experienced all aspects of growing relatively small businesses, some of which of those operate in major corporate environments today.

These experiences proved to be a remarkable training ground in learning the lessons which Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) owners, as well as bigger business structures, need to overcome in their drive to obtain maximum benefits from investments.

From the challenges and successes gained in planning, strategizing and reporting in the boardroom, as well as the opportunities and pitfalls one faces when seeking to grow business investments in unique governance, socio-economic and legislated environments, Henk understands the difficulties faced by business owners.

Through his professional relationship with Linda Remke and her businesses, they have formed an alliance, which has led to Henk joining VALUENEURS™ as a shareholder.

So, with Henk’s key strengths in the field of developing new markets, ensuring recurring revenue by thinking out of the box, and non-stop customer relationship management, he looks forward to assisting in the building of the brand, VALUENEURS™.

Shareholder, Damion Stander

Damion has a passion for Strategy Development, Implementation and Service Management.  Using his ITIL experience, gained from corporate service-centric environments, he thrives when confronted with the challenge of translating business strategy to implementation.  Further, Damion enjoys implementing continual improvement processes, so as to constantly re-evaluate and enhance both business operation and growth potential.

His valuable experience over the years in Executive Management positions for medium-sized companies will prove beneficial in his current role as shareholder at VALUENEURS™.

Damion’s qualifications and extensive practical experience in Marketing & Public Relations, Business Development, Project Management, Service Delivery and Business Administration functions allows him to exercise his abilities in key business areas.  The areas he likes to focus on are company growth, enhanced service-model improvement, business and process modelling, as well as financial management.

Damion looks forward to a mutually profitable relationship with Linda and her team at VALUENEURS™.

Director, Barbara Stander

With a strong background in Finance, HR and Operational Management, Barbara is fully equipped to assist small business owners.  When it comes to simplifying tedious but necessary tasks, she has the ability to provide the right structure.  Further, her experience has been in an operational and supportive role, which stretches back 17 years, where she has run various businesses alongside her husband, Henk.  Barbara has seen a great need when an SME moves up to become a larger corporate, and here she can provide that much-needed bridge of support.

Her real passion lies with women in business though and this has led her to get involved with networking, in particular, the XtraOrdinary Women Network, and BNI.  Barbara loves to see women gain confidence in business and also extends help to those husband/wife teams, in finding that much-needed life balance.

Barbara’s involvement in Valueneurs™ allows her to flex her operational muscle and to oversee the running of this organisation.  Enjoying the methodology and focus of this platform has allowed Barbara to see first-hand how much people need others and how from short check-in sessions, it is possible to make a difference.

Creative Manager, Krystin Morgenrood

With Krystin’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and her passion for building cohesive and strong brands, she is an invaluable asset to VALUENEURS™.

A manic for detail and a strong belief in the power of simplicity, Krystin manages the creative arena within VALUENEURS™.