When people say; “Don’t worry about small things in life” I always think about those tiny mosquitoes who mastered the knack of keeping us awake at night. It is amazing how far a bit of Doom goes to stop that song and dance. Now just Imagine one of those mosquitoes in your cloud of Doom starts to sing the song; “Don’t worry, be happy …”. Can that song really make a difference?


We often feel trapped in empty mantras, affirmations, quotes, jokes, do’s and don’ts, and those “superwoman” expectations that other people place on us. I always wonder how people remember all of them, because I don’t.  They are there to help us be happy, right?


We kill ourselves slowly inside when we are falling short in our own eyes. Why do we worry about the doom and gloom of what others think, expect and say about us? Many authors said in one way or another what other people think of us is not our business?


Are you happy with the lady who stares back at you in your mirror or do you worry what others think of her?


Anna Held says a woman should be like a single flower, not a whole bouquet. It is so true. There is a one-kind-of-place for a one-kind-of-a-you. A super woman isn’t a woman who can do everything. A super woman does what she needs to do and avoids doing anything more than that. Bruce Wade says; “The fact that you can do something doesn’t mean you should.”


The mosquito’s type of song; “Don’t worry, be happy …” also traps us in the lie that everything will magically come right on its own. We often dream about the benefits of doing something instead of using that time to create the benefits.


So, what can you do then to be happy?


be happyMake a list of all the things you do within the 24/7 and 168 hours each week. Write the reasons down next to each task and ask why you are doing it. Start doing only your tasks. Stop doing other people’s tasks. Swop the “superwoman” status for being a super woman who is happy in her own skin, with her own set of quotes, jokes, tasks, skills, talents and strengths so that we can celebrate her beauty.


A Valueneurs™ Mentor Coach can take you on a flight where you can become the super women who is happy with the lady in the mirror who will be smiling back at her. We will help you to create a plan of action to create the experience you desire and then we will help you implement it from start to finish.  We are here to help you to worry less and be happy more!


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