We all need a willing ear, someone who will listen to what is heavy on our hearts and minds, and someone who will give some advice based on their life experiences. Most times, we choose a close friend or family member. But, a friend or family member may not know how to help you through a difficult situation.

This is where a Mentor comes in.

A professional Mentor, who has the life experiences and educational background to specifically deal with your issues and problems, is the right person to engage with. 

Sure, mom or sister or best bud, have been helpful in the past, and, at the time, you didn’t know how you would get through it all without them. But, most times, what happens is that we think we are past it, we think that because it doesn’t hurt so much anymore or we don’t think about it as much, that we are now okay. So often, we are far from over it. And, it only takes a similar situation or one word to set us off down that spiralling path again. 

Why a Mentor is better than a friend or family member


A Mentor specialises in a very specific field

By having a niche focus, the Mentor is able to take from their life experiences and educational learnings, and apply them to your situation.

An example may be whereby you find that you are unable to conceive. It can be a very emotionally draining time and if you don’t have the right person to speak to, you may land up depressed and unable to focus on anything else.  A Mentor, who has the experience and knowledge around infertility, will be able to guide you to a happy and excepting place.

Similarly, on a business level, if you are struggling to close deals and grow your business, a specifically-geared business Mentor can help. They would take you through a series of processes that would help you to focus on those problem areas in your business, with a view to improving and growing.

mentor coach

A Mentor will be objective

This is a very important element. As it is with people who are very close to us personally, they have a bias towards us, in that they cannot see the forest for the trees. They may not see that whatever it is you are doing or saying could potentially be the problem, that while you may be blaming someone else, you are actually the culprit. How often have you waxed lyrical to your mother about something, say a boyfriend or a colleague? And, they have simply listened, agreed and nodded. This is great for your side of the story and morale, but a Mentor would ask the correct questions, that will eventually get to the real heart of the dilemma. They will objectively analyse all facets of the story and guide you down the right path so that you can come to an amicable outcome.


A Mentor inspires and motivates you to be  the best you can be

Positivity is a must in our lives. Without hope and positive thoughts, we will eventually shrivel up and die. We can actually survive longer with hope than without food and water. A Mentor will constantly give you positive vibes and look to see how they can boost your morale for life in general. In addition, they will point out how you can be a better version of yourself. They understand that we all can do with some improvement, and their aim is to help you find ways to improve yourself. They have the tools and know-how to lift you out of your comfort zone, to make you accountable, and to help you be the best you can be.


Everyone needs a Mentor

Every successful person has, at some point in their life, taken on a Mentor or Coach. Think about Andre Agassi, the famous tennis player. Think about Bill Gates or even the President of the United States.  They all have Mentors who guide them, so that they can be the best at their game, as well as the best they can be in life.


At Valueneurs, we believe, that everyone deserves a Mentor or Coach, and that is why we have provided you with the platform, where you can connect with our valuable Mentor Coaches as and when you need.


What do you need to do now?

Simply, complete our FREE Values Exercise, choose a Mentor Coach that suits both your need and value system, and then book one or a few Check-In Sessions.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will gladly be here to assist you further.

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