Taking on a mentor is a very personal step.  Mentors normally come into our lives either by natural progression or by introduction specifically for the purpose of requiring some guidance. Employee mentoring is not so common but should be.

Through the natural progression of a relationship forming, we often don’t even realise that we have developed a mentor/mentee relationship.  It comes about over many hookups and is a subtle mentorship, the mentee realising eventually that they need the mentor for guidance in their lives.

The latter relationship, where someone actively seeks a mentor, is generally when someone is in desperate need.  They may have tried to get over their issues by themselves, perhaps have spoken to friends and family members, and then realised they need professional help.

With your workforce, they need to go through the motions of a full day’s work even when they have personal issues lingering in the back of their mind.

Wouldn’t it be better to provide employee mentoring on an ongoing basis so that they can focus on their work and increase their productivity?




When a new employee joins your company, they can be taken through a structured on-boarding process, which can help them transition into their role.  The mentor can act as a go-between with an objective view, especially when they are having problems related to their new position.


Very often employees find themselves in heated or uncomfortable situations with other employees and management.  They don’t know how to handle it and can start to withdraw or lash out, causing more harm.  Through the program of employee mentoring, they can guide the employee/s with structured conflict resolutions, again being that objective person when needed.


When there are teams put together to bring a project to fruition, a mentor can sit on the outskirts ensuring that when there is turmoil or stress, it is managed properly.  There is nothing more disturbing to a team to have one or more of their team members causing havoc, hindering their journey to a successful project finish.employee mentoring


If you find that you are churning out employees quicker than you do grocery shopping, then there might be something wrong with first your hiring process and also the way the employees are managed.  An employee mentoring system can ensure there is an amicable environment and address any issues that crop up, reporting back to you the owner or the HR department.


An engaged and accountable workforce leads to increased productivity levels.  The stats show that when employees know they are valued and taken seriously, they work better.  Having a team of mentors available for them to use as soundboards and address problems with OBJECTIVELY, will help them to focus better on their tasks, and thereby increase their potential for a more productive work life.  In turn, being more productive will help them look good to management and allow them the opportunity of promotion.

If you find that your workforce needs some guiding hands, consider VALUENEURS!

Valueneurs is here to fit into your existing Wellness Program adding well-being value through employee mentoring.

Get ready to give back and get back!

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