The only part of my job I enjoyed while working at the bank was interacting with customers. Old mama’s and papa’s would line up to be assisted by me. How I loved hearing about their grandchildren stories whilst assisting them. I’d try and educate them on how easy their lives would become if I could link up their beneficiaries to their accounts so to transact online. That way they wouldn’t have to make way to the bank every month. They didn’t want to hear of it. They couldn’t pick up with all the advancement of technology and they said it wasn’t not safe. The area in which I worked was an industrial area and lots of young people worked in surrounding factories. Their work was doing labour jobs, so I would try and make them see light in them advancing their education, so they could better their future and find their purpose.


The reason I loved customer service was the work relationship we had built with those I interacted with. I discovered that some of them had passed matric but due to financial constraints never continued through university. As they would relay the realities of having to work to support their families, I’d encourage them to reflect on how it would look like if they didn’t have to stop working while studying as well. I often made me as an example of having had to work as a cleaner at a retail store while I completed my College studies and having had to raise a baby at the same time. I’d tell them it was not an easy journey, but it was all worth it in the end.


Never did I think that the words I spoke could result to any form of mind shift for any one of them. In 2010, while carrying on with my daily duties, a young neat gentleman came up to me. He spoke. I listened, and my life changed. He said to me in IsiXhosa, “Enkosi sisi ngokuthetha amazwi enkuthazo ebomini bam kulo nyaka ndibhalisile eUWC ndizofunda” (thanks for speaking words of encouragement in my life. This year I registered to study at UWC).


That is when my internal light was switched on. I went home that day and in my day’s reflection it suddenly hit me… speaking words of encouragement, making people realize their potential and helping them live in their purpose, is who I am.purpose


In October of the same year I took a leap of faith and resigned at the bank to start a journey into the unknown. Funny enough, I felt at peace in the uncertainty because there was a knowing within me that I was on a quest for my life purpose. An awareness of who I am through Coaching came just at the right time. Through Coaching, I am walking with others on their journey of questing for the meaning in life.


Have you come to a stage in your life where you’re asking yourself questions such as: Who am I? Am I living an authentic life? What is missing in my life? What am I here for? What is my purpose?


Once upon a time I asked myself such questions until I decided to take a journey of self-discovery. I’ll forever be grateful to the young man who came to the bank that morning.


Ndyabulela mfana!


I am here to help you find the answers to those burning questions. Reach out today and begin your quest for your meaning of life and your purpose.


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