As quoted by Investopedia – A silent partner is an individual whose involvement in a partnership is limited to providing capital to the business. A silent partner is seldom involved in the partnership’s daily operations and does not generally participate in management meetings. A silent partner is also known as a limited partner, since his liability is typically limited to the amount invested in the partnership.


Let’s equate that to how a Mentor Coach can be your silent partner. They won’t give capital in the form of cash, but they will add to your business by helping you along those stepping stones and being there for you when you are in a pickle. They won’t be involved in your daily operations, and won’t attend management meetings, but they can prep you so that you can manage those daily operations in a slicker way, and have focus in your monthly management meetings, with a view to a positive outcome.


Now, doesn’t that sound like a great idea? Have a personal “silent” but not so “silent” partner, available to bounce ideas off, to be a sounding board, to give you advice on all areas of business and even personal life.


Having that third eye and objective stance from someone who isn’t built into the nitty-grittiness of your business, can be just what you need. Think of them as your muse, your mentor, your go-to-place, when all seems a little too much for you.

Silent Partner

So, by now, you should be shouting out – “Where do I get me some?!!”


Well, what do you know, Valueneurs™has a selection of Mentor Coaches, right here at your finger tips. Our qualified and professional MC’s (as we like to call them) are excited about connecting with you and forming part of your team, even though it will be in a “silent” manner.




Right here – simply click through, read up on a short bio for each Mentor Coach, decide which one suits you best, and book your first session to business bliss –