While we are not defined by adversity, the way that we handle moving through the adversity can. 

Types of adversity you may face?

Surely, that list would be very long?  Given that everyone goes through adversity in their life and it can be something small or rather large?

True, but there is a way of compartmentalise adversity types, and in doing so, we can best deal with them. 

We have found that there are six kinds of adversity that one may be presented with and we will attempt to educate you on each one and how to overcome them. Having said that, we are not predicting that there is an easy path to getting to the other side of your problems and we always encourage people to seek professional help before they try to move through the adversity on their own. 

1. Mental Adversity

Our mind is a powerful weapon and we say weapon because what we think and then generally do can have powerful effects on ourselves and on others. If you are not feeling like your normal self or have never known a day where you felt good, then you more than likely are going through mental strife. Many will diagnose it as depression or some other mental ailment, but the important thing to remember is that you can get through it and live a mentally healthy life. Work alongside a professional in order to analyse why you feel the way you do and know that you are worthy no matter what you tell yourself.

2. Physical Adversity

A physical disability can be trying and tough. Whether it’s a disablement that you have been born with her one that afflicts you during your lifetime, the pains to just get through daily life can be hard. Doing every day, seemingly normally activities, can put strain on your body but also your mind. Many disabled or physically challenged people struggle with depression and controlling the urge to give up. Having a Mentor or Coach nearby, always ready to be that accountable partner, can help through those times.


3. Emotional Adversity

Often confused with a mental issue, emotional adversity can debilitate anyone. Our feelings can govern our very existence and it is not always about the low feelings, but also the high, irrational feelings too. EQ is a term bantered about and is an important skill set to learn, in personal and business relationships. A Coach can help you to understand your own feelings and that of others better. 

4. Spiritual Adversity

Spiritual adversity has much to do with faith and not only as a Christian, in any religion or any belief. Having a purpose in life is often born through faith and while we are not here to advocate anyone type of belief or religion, it is important to know why you are on this earth and how you can make it a better place. Connecting with a like-minded Mentor, can help you to realise that purpose.

5. Social Adversity

We are not islands and therefore must, at some point in our lives, interact with others. Many struggle with this and find themselves alienated from everyday life and happenings because of it. Social skills can be learnt and who better than a Coach to take you down this bumpy but rewarding road?

6. Financial Adversity

All of us have been through a financial adversity. Whether it was not having a job or simply finding ourselves in debt. Whatever your financial woe is, a Coach or Mentor can help you to see the bigger picture, often leading you to the solution to your fiscal problems.


If you see some areas of your life that fit into one or a few of these adversities, and don’t know where to turn to, take a look at our wide selection of Mentor Coaches, choose one that suits your value system and book a session today. 

We know that you will find the value in these short Check-in sessions, and knowing you have a Mentor Coach on tap for when you need them, can make life feel that much more manageable.

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