Just the question alone may get people’s hackles up.  Who are we to ask such a question?  Do people still have these misogynistic beliefs?

Sure, we have come a long way, and having a woman leading a business on a big scale is not unheard of?

Yet, the question still is posed, whether hush-hush or out in the open – do women make better entrepreneurs than men?

So, we thought we would approach it like this – there is no doubt that there is a difference between the genders – some more obvious than others, and that both genders have traits that are beneficial in the business world.

Given we are in a month where we celebrate women, we thought we would give the gals a little boost (sorry guys!)


Reasons why women make good entrepreneurs:

– women tend to take more calculated risks, giving the possible outcome more thought and not shooting from their hip – this can save much money and time spent on fruitless endeavours and investments

– women will look at the ongoing profit growth in a controlled manner, and not so much the possible lucrative exit from the business

– women often reinvest business profits looking at the sustainability of the business rather than immediate satisfaction

– women have a better handle on the human aspect of business – from their staff’s needs to that of their client’s

– women look at negotiations with a win/win attitude as opposed to a result where one must win and one must lose

While some or even all of these statements are generalisation, and on the flip side, men have positive traits in business that women don’t, we feel that these are worth mentioning.

If you’re a women in business and you’re in need of a guiding hand, reach out to Valueneurs, choose a Mentor Coach that suits your needs and values, and know that you have support all along your entrepreneurial journey.


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