Just the word, ENTREPRENEUR, stimulates feelings of success, appreciation for hard work, and impressive attitudes.


Many more people are starting their own businesses, tired of working the nine to five, answering to a boss, and having limiting income.


The ironic part of all this is that most entrepreneurs work more hours than a salaried individual, answer to many “bosses” who call themselves clients, and earning an income that can be sustainable is not always guaranteed.


But, there are many positives to being your own boss and the feeling of succeeding where all others said you would fail, is always the proverbial cherry on top.


Along the way, we turn to those that have managed to make it, those that use their ears more than their mouths, and those that we consider to be mentors.


Why do we do this?


Are we not strong enough to go this road alone?  Did we not plan it out properly?  Is our business strategy at fault?


No, not at all!
You are not meant to travel this entrepreneurial road solo.  Name me one successful business owner who has never picked up the phone or popped a quick message to someone, in the hopes that person would have the answer to a dilemma.


That doesn’t happen.
Reaching out, no matter the reason, is human.  We are here on this earth to connect with one another.
Think of it as a life line when you need it the most.
You could be sitting staring at your bank balance, wondering how you are going to pay your staff.
You may have just received the biggest deal of your life and you are having moments of self-doubt.
Or, perhaps your competitor wants to steal your largest and most profitable client – what can you do?
Having that someone on the other end of the line to ask questions from, to banter with, to share ideas with, can be that perfect go-to connection you need.


We understand that being an entrepreneur is first and foremost the bravest step you can take, the next and clearly the smartest would be having a confidant, to walk this road with.


Valueneurs™ is here for that purpose – to provide value to entrepreneurs.