What is Valueneurs™?

For Mentor Coaches, Valueneurs™ is a marketing platform, providing access to a new  audience of users and encouraging business growth. Designed to allow flexibility of working hours and to supplement an existing client list. Mentor Coaches can choose to schedule as many or as few check-in sessions, at times that are most convenient to them. For Users, it is designed to provide the convenience to connect with a Mentor Coach. The ability to check-in with a coach from anywhere and anytime, puts the power of dialogue in the hands of the user. Users can book a Mentor Coach on our website and in the near future our mobile app which is in development.



By connecting Mentor Coaches to new audiences, we aim to boost their income and enable their business growth. Our marketing efforts aim to make the audience aware of the range of niche coaching specialisations and the benefits of regular coach check-ins, thereby creating a larger coaching audience and multiplying the opportunities for the Mentor Coaching industry. By creating a platform of constructive dialogue we aim is to fast-track Users to achieve their short term personal, while building RESILIENCE. Users can select and engage in a 30-minute Check-In session with the Mentor Coach/es whose skills and expertise suit their needs. Valueneurs™ Mentor Coaches are all accredited and registered with recognised Coaching Regulatory Bodies which assures Professional and Ethical Conduct.


Value Proposition

The VALUENEURS™ Platform offers :

  • the capability to reach the underserved and remote users at different locations;
  • access to an audience which you may not have been able to reach before;
  • flexibility to choose your hours;
  • a cost-effective way of targeting a market that will benefit from your niche service offering;
  • immediacy and availability to reduce overall intervention time;
  • accessibility on mobile phones, tablets and desktops;
  • training on the platform/s and protocols;
  • one free check-in session per month for you to make use of with any other Mentor Coach (after all, Mentor’s need mentoring too!)
Valueneurs™ will be the FIRST CHOICE COACHING APP recommended to entrepreneurs, business people and the rest of the South African community.  We will achieve this through various marketing campaigns and proven results and successes in the lives of our users. This shared economy business platform promises access for mentor coaches, to a diverse group of people, which will enable growth of their businesses in an ethical manner in the shortest possible time frame.

Become a Mentor Coach

This is how you can become a Mentor Coach – STEP 1 Complete the  Expression Of Interest form here Info required:

  • Your Contact Details
  • Your Coaching Qualifications
  • Your Business Details
  • Your Company Name and Website URL
  • Areas of Specialisation
  • Other areas of experience you are equipped to mentor others in (choose from a list)
  • Select your payment plan
  • Invoicing Details

Fee Breakdown:

  • Non-refundable Deposit of R500.00
  • On-Boarding Fee of R1,450.00 (discounted rate for full upfront payment) or R1,650.00 if paid off in 3 monthly instalments
  • Monthly fee: 12-month contract at R349.00 per month or a 10% discount for full upfront payment (Includes 1 x Mentor Coach session for self plus licensing fee, management and service fee, digital advertising and digital networking.)

STEP 2 Once you have been accepted as a Mentor Coach, we will require:

  • Proof of your sign-up fee
  • Information for your personal bio page (requirements will be emailed to you)
  • Time for training on the platform, booking system and protocol as a Mentor Coach
  • Your selected available time slots (regular weekly slots)

STEP 3 Start coaching and earning through the 30-minute sessions with each client.