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Stephanie has more than 40 years of experience in helping people understand and manage change successfully in their workplace or personal life.
In her corporate practice, Stephanie’s team coaching experience spans working on collaborative and committed teams with companies, schools and community leaders from different backgrounds.
In her private practice, she seeks to deal with changes in the circumstances for people and couples who want to learn more about personal and parental skills and their relationships.

Stephanie has worked with leading South African companies and one of her recent tasks was to train the senior management of a leading oil marketing organisation to provide practical advice for employees engaged in company restructuring.

Other companies include Exxaro, Momentum Asset Management (MMI), IBM, Barclays Africa (now ABSA), Netsurit, ABSA Capital, EY, Internet Solutions, and PwC.
Stephanie regularly appears on the morning 702 radio program of Eusebius Mckaiser to discuss ‘ Family Matters’ and is a frequent contributor to articles on work and life-related topics in the Sunday Times and other publications.

She has completed various coaching, mediation and leadership development certified courses since her early career in child and family care.

You can connect further with Stephanie via her email and website.


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