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Sibylle Stehli guides and mentors her audiences and clients to have the courage to live happier and more peaceful lives with less pain, confusion, conflict, anxiety, traumas and suffering.

Sibylle is passionate about helping people find their Courage to Heal.

After being in a room with Sibylle, people often feel heard and understood for the first time in their lives. There is a “grace” that permeates all conversation – the grace that calls for self-understanding, self-acceptance and ultimately self-love.

It is Sibylle’s wish for us all of us to embrace who we are; while we never lose faith and hope in the possibilities of who we are yet to become and the journeys we are yet to take.

She gives us Courage for our own Journey – by sharing her very own traumatic journey and how she herself has healed and accepted her past – embracing all that she is and celebrating all that she is yet to become.

Sibylle gives us the grace to embark on our own journey of healing and offers a powerful space that is a clear channel of truth, hope, peace and love.  She does this through sharing her story on stage as a public speaker, workshop facilitation, client sessions and via her published book – The Courage to be Me.

She is a practising Iridologist with over 7 years’ experience in this modality.  Iridology aids one in discovering the genetic blueprint of the body and the optimal way to reach desired health and lifestyle goals.

She is also a ‘Brandon Bays’ Journey Practitioner – The Journey process easily and quickly resolves the root cause of the challenges faced in daily life, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

You can connect further with Sibylle via her email and website.


Diploma in Optometry

Diploma in Iridology

Accredited Brandon Bays Journey Practitioner

Xtraordinary Women – Member and Durbanville Networker of the Year 2017

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