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Rosal Khoury is a former pharmaceutical research scientist turned career and business coach. After spending 10 years working in the UK and Spain, she decided to opt for voluntary redundancy and returned to Cape Town in 2014. She hung up her lab coat for good to pursue a portfolio career in 2015 and qualified as an Executive Coach. Rosal has always been passionate about developing human potential and is curious about what exactly makes people genuinely happy, successful and fulfilled. Having learned the formula to happiness and then applying this theory on herself, she now splits her time between career/business coaching, mentoring, public speaking as well as working in sales as a Business Development Manager. Outside of work, Rosal is an avid traveller, jazz singer and coffee addict.

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B.Sc Biological Sciences (Psych major)

Foundations to Executive coaching, UCT

Entrepreneur Mentoring Certification – Roger Hamilton, The Entrepreneur Institute


Comensa Accredited

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