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Because of her simple and family-valued upbringing, mostly in Franschhoek, Maryna believes this is what has grounded her to build the foundation of who she is today. Her career is founded on working in the corporate environment for 28 years and she has held various positions in different business areas, in the financial sector with companies such as Sanlam and Nedbank.

Maryna has focused on Project Management for the last 10 years and her working experience gave her insight, knowledge and understanding of the dynamics which influence the environment, including the challenges people face to survive, work and grow to their full potential.

In her personal capacity, she has been involved in Transformational Therapy, where individuals are encouraged to enrich their personal lives, restore and strengthen relationships and enhance parenting. Transformational Coaching, using the GROW model, encourages clients to move forward and deeper through self-awareness. It facilitates a process to grow potential, helps them discover unique strengths and gifts and reveals blockages. Furthermore, it deepens learning through improvement of personal and leadership aptitude and empowerment by applying knowledge and skills. .

In addition, Maryna is one of the 3 Founders and Directors of LifeGiving Wellness Academy, where they provide online training for coaches.


Certificate in Coaching from Strong Foundations Academy

Facilitator of Transformational Therapy

BEcon Honns from UNISA

Transformation Therapy Facilitator

Member of COMENSA

Member of ICF

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