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Malcolm is a life and business coach. He is passionate about helping individuals grow and achieve their personal and professional goals. As an ultra-distance athlete, he understands the importance of determination and perseverance in achieving one’s goals. In addition, the value of support from a coach, who can provide the necessary guidance needed on your journey to achieving your self-determined goals. With his backing of COMENSA, he provides a professional service in line with its Code of Ethics and holds all discussions in confidence.

Malcolm will travel with you, acting as a valuable thinking partner and

coach. During the coaching process, he will help you to clearly define your goals, so that they are tangible, visible and achievable. Drawing from his varied personal and professional experiences, he will challenge you to consider all the possible options towards realising your goals. As the client, you will hold the agenda for each coaching session, supported by Malcolm’s nurturing and encouraging ways. Together, you will explore thoughts and ideas within an environment of trust and confidentiality.

You can connect further with Malcolm through his website and email.


Coaching Practitioner Program – SA College of Applied Psychology

B.Compt – Unisa

Certificate in Project Management: CPUT

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