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My Driving Values Are:

Intimate Relationship With God


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Lesley is a qualified coach with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy: Management Coaching. She won the Businesswoman of the Year award in 2018 for the Western Cape region in the corporate category. 

Her enthusiasm for life holds the view that if you are attracted to something, no matter what it is, then go for it, embrace your reality with both arms, and do it afraid.  

Together with her boundless energy, creativity, and passion, she shares her love for connecting with people authentically by offering them the gift of coaching – providing clients a thinking space to engage with their true self, empowering them to break through their own barriers.

She has a deep passion for developing people, using various platforms for people to discover new opportunities and learnings. She believes that her way of leading is congruent to who she truly is as a person. In addition, she creates opportunities to serve others intentionally and through this makes a difference in her broader community. 

Her passion for people development spills over to opening the throttle of her motorcycle where she uses this exhilarating experience as a narrative to demonstrate how she approaches her life journey.

You can connect further with Lesley via her email and website.


Certified Integral Coach (ACC)
Organisational, Relationship and Systems Coaching (ORSC)
Certified Nancy Kline Thinking Partner
ILS Certified Coach
Accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner
Master’s in philosophy in Management Coaching

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