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My Driving Values Are:

An intimate relationship with God
Meaningful Work
Personal Development


Kerryn’s personal goal is to inspire, influence and impact leaders as well as teams, in order to equip them with the necessary skills to initiate positive change in their lives and organisations. Her life is built on her core values of an intimate relationship with God, authenticity, personal growth, meaningful work and integrity.

Kerryn is experienced in education management, corporate training and facilitation, public speaking, coaching and the management of projects in the education and food industries. Having lived in rural areas all her life, Kerryn has developed a strong sense of “making a plan” and doing your best where you are with what you have. This has instilled the importance of learning and growing, which is something that each one of us can do regardless of where we find ourselves.

Since leaving teaching at the end of 2011, due to the need to relocate, Kerryn has started her own small business, Affect Consulting, focusing on small/ medium sized business consulting, leadership and team facilitation, as well as coaching. In addition, she assesses and supervises MBA/MBL students for Unisa’s SBL.

Kerryn’s first love, though, is inspiring, encouraging and helping others to grow and develop beyond their comfy zones and circumstances, in order to reach their full potential. She is inspired by her motto “if you want to change your life, then learn to lead!”

You can connect further with Kerryn via her email and website.


Accredited i3 Consultant (i3 Profiling, i3 Team Dynamix and i3 Recruit): June 2016 – present

COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of SA): Member 1 January 2017 – present

MBL (Master of Business Leadership): 2016

DBL (Doctor of Business Leadership): 2018 – present

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