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Karen’s fascination for learning and education has resulted in a 25-year learning journey. She is currently studying her Academic Honours in Psychology, which followed her completing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Distinction, a Diploma in Counselling & Coaching, as well as Colour Therapy, to mention but a few of her certificates.  Karen has an immense passion for understanding just how an individual can achieve meaning and purpose in their lives while working towards their goals.

Her curiosity for learning challenges in education has drawn her to a speciality in learning, with a holistic mind and body (somatic) solution focused integrated coaching methodology. She has the ability to see life’s challenges as insights into potential and purpose.

She has 15 years of retail behind her in sales, management and training, in conjunction with being an artist, mother and entrepreneur.  For the past 6 years, Karen has followed her counselling, coaching and psychology calling and has worked within her own brand, Purpose Plus Coaching.

Karen’s experience includes: Coaching and mentoring incubator clients from the Cape Craft Design Institute (CCDI); a service provider offering wellbeing counselling and coaching to Healthy Choices (Europe Assistance) corporate clients; sessional hours at Blaauwberg Therapy Centre and a Valueneurs coach on their online platform.

Her volunteer work includes: teaching seniors art at the CJSA; facilitation of a teenage support group at the KayMasonFoundation (KMF); COMENSA WC secretary; as well as a host of speaking and presentation engagements with organisations, such as: Professional Minds, Milnerton Primary School, Herzlia High School, Hirsch’s and SACAP Festival of Learning.


You can connect further with Karen via her website and email.


Academic Honours in Psychology (2018-2019) (Cornerstone Institute)

Alchemy of Symbols certificate (2018) The Centre of Applied Jungian Studies

COMENSA WC Secretary (2018)

COMENSA Practitioner Member (since 2014)

Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with distinction (2017) (Cornerstone Institute)

Somatic Wisdom Certificate (2016) Cynthia Merchant (Peter Levine Methodology)

Diploma in Counselling Communication and Specialisation in Coaching (2013) (SACAP)

Certificate in Creative writing (2009) (GetSmarter)

Certificate in Facilitation (2009) (Willie Erasmus)

Certificate in Colour Therapy (2000)

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