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As a values-driven coach and an avid enquirer, Ian enjoys connecting and building relationships with clients who will fully commit to being challenged to explore what is holding them back.  By setting new goals, they will reach new heights in their lives and careers.

After completing a Life Coach Certification Program in 2010, Ian began coaching part-time, as he was still in full-time employment within the Engineering and IT field at a leading Petro-Chemical company. As is the case with large corporates, this afforded him several leadership opportunities over the years, where he led technical teams in analytical & process control systems maintenance, and IT (support and projects).

During 2012, Ian furthered his coaching certifications by completing a Career Coaching Program. His mission is to empower parents and their children towards making more focused and informed decisions regarding their Grade 10 to 12 subject choices, followed by their vocation and tertiary education.

In 2013, Ian departed his corporate career of 34 years and moved to Cape Town to be closer to family, so that his wife and he could enjoy their grand-parenting responsibilities, and to commit himself to full-time coaching.

As a life-long learner and choosing excellence in all that he does, Ian’s goal is to make a difference in clients’ lives through coaching/mentoring with open and honest communication. He aims to ‘move’ clients (each as unique as they are) towards making the necessary shifts from where they are to where they dream to be.

You can further connect with Ian via email and his website.


Certified Life coach – New Insights, Africa (2010)

Certified Career Coach – Career Management Academy (2012)

Comensa Practitioner Member since 2011

Comensa Registered Coach since 2014 (revised membership rules)

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