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Chrisna is a Neuro coach and Enneagram practitioner. Coming from the Health and Wellness Industry with a therapeutic background and a Social Work degree, Chrisna has extensive experience working with diverse client groups. She can connect and build with teenagers and geriatrics alike. Her therapeutic, facilitation and educational background, developed a sense of perceptiveness and maturity that is well beyond her years. However, she believes that the difference between being good and great, lies in the discovery and pursuit of one’s core identity and she, too, had to ask hard questions, like: “How much bigger and bolder could the Authentic-Me show up in the world?”. It was only once she started answering questions such as this one, that she decided to become a coach.
At 26, she is the proud partner of a successful coaching and training company, MindShape Coaching, and she loves working with individuals to help smash their goals and fall back in love with living. Drawing on her Neuro-coaching training, she effectively gets to the core of challenges and equips clients to master their thoughts and feelings. These elements align strongly with her personal values of empowerment, authenticity and connection. As a COMENSA coach, she is serious about ethical and professional excellence, albeit with a bit of zest. Her coaching style is an extension of her personality: a compassionate, yet straightforward-no-nonsense approach, which makes her a great challenge and accountability partner.

You can connect further with Chrisna via her email and website.


Neuro-Coach Institute: Accredited Coach and trained Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Integrative Enneagram: Accredited Enneagram practitioner

COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of SA): Accredited Coach (Level 1)

TrainYouCan: Accredited SETA Facilitator and trained Assessor

North West University: Social work Degree

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