This section will be updated regularly to provide you with the most current solutions to any frequent problem that may arise.

Getting Started – User

1. Getting started with the Valueneurs™ Application:

Register via our web-based Platform.

2. How can I be coachable?

Take our online survey at www.valueneurs.co.za

3. Sessions available to a user:

3.1. Adhoc Check-In Session valid for 90 Days
3.2. 3 x 30 Minute Check-Ins valid for 90 Days
3.3. 6 x 30 Minute Check-Ins valid for 90 Days
3.4. 12 x 30 Minute Check-Ins valid for 90 Days

4. What kinds of coaching is available?

4.1. Engage in a 30-minute Check-In session with any of our Valueneurs™ Mentor Coaches on the Valueneurs™ Platform.
4.2. Our Mentor Coaches possess a vast assortment of different topics, specialities and niches.

5. How do I find a Mentor Coach?

5.1. Search for a coach or topic on the website. Find a Mentor Coach that fits your need and book a Check-In session for a later time and date.

6. How do I book a Check-In session?

6.1. Find a Mentor Coach that fits your need and book a Check-In session
6.2. Choose from the Mentor Coaches available dates and times that best suits you for a check-in session.
6.3. The selected coach will make contact with you, the user, and arrange to make contact on your preferred medium (WhatsApp video or Skype video).

7. For a later time and date

Users are welcome to request an alternative date and time outside a coach’s availability times, by making contact with the Mentor Coach again, however the coach is free to reject these requests

8. How do I switch Mentor Coaches?

8.1. You are free to try out different Mentor Coaches for your Check-In sessions.
8.1.1. Simply pick a different Mentor Coach from the list on website.

9. What if I forget to Check-In for the day?

9.1. If you miss the Check-In and fail to provide a valid reason, you will forfeit your Check-In.
9.2. Email support@valueneurs.co.za stating your reasons why.

10. How does privacy on the Valueneurs™ Platform work?

10.1. Valueneurs™ only requires a name, email and, at your own discretion you can provide your mobile number.
10.2. Only registered Valueneurs™ Mentor Coaches and Valueneurs™ Support Staff can see this information.
10.3. Users cannot view each other’s profiles.

11. Is there a version of the app for Windows Phones?

Not at the present moment. A browser based version of the Valueneurs™ App is being developed and will be live in due course.

12. How do I report inappropriate content or SPAM?

12.1. See Terms and Conditions for guidelines on what is not permitted on the platform. Otherwise, visit www.valueneurs.co.za.
12.2. Go to the “CONTACT US” tab.
12.3. Log any compliments, queries or complaints and a Valueneurs™ Support team member will resolve your query.

13. What is the cost for a Check-In session?

This depends on how many Check-ins you wish to have per month. View our packages here.

14. How do I cancel my Check-In session?

14.1. Cancellations should be made within a 24 hrs notice period.
14.2. If you cannot attend the check-in, inform the Mentor Coach you had selected.

Getting Started – Mentor Coach

1. How do I become a Valueneurs™ Mentor Coach?

1.1 . Visit www.valueneurs.co.za. Click the “CONTACT US” tab and fill in the online form. We will contact you with an Expression of Interest that will cover what is required to become a Valueneurs™ Mentor Coach.
1.2 A receipt of all relevant documentation and approvals, your account and sign-in details will be issued.

2. Getting started with the Valueneurs™ Platform:

2.1. As a Mentor Coach you will be given log in details to the web platform.
2.2. Use your account details and sign-in.
2.3. It is a good idea for you to change your password the first time you log in to the Valueneurs™ Platform.

3. What is Valueneurs™ Mentor Coaching?

3.1 The Valueneurs™ Platform is a unique and powerful electronic platform designed to connect and facilitate communication between Users and Mentor Coaches who assist Users in achieving their short term personal and business goals more effectively, while developing Users’ ability to more effectively deal with problems when they arise.
3.2 Valueneurs™ role is strictly limited to facilitate communication. We do not render any Coaching Services.
3.3 The Valueneurs™ Platform is not meant to be used for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.


1. I cannot connect:

1.1. Check Account Cap/Data:
You might not have connection if you have reached your cap/Data limit. Check the status of your Internet Service Provider Account. If you have low or no cap left you will experience or limit connectivity that will affect your ability to have a Check-In session. You are responsible for this and have to ensure that you have adequate connectivity in order to have a seamless Check-In session.

1.2. Check Wi-Fi:
The Wi-Fi connectivity may be poor which can affect the quality of your connection. This could make you unable to connect to WhatsApp or Skype for Check-In sessions. Make sure you are in a location that has a strong Wi-Fi connection especially if you are a Mentor Coach. You can restart your router to refresh the connection that may solve connectivity problems. Make sure you are connecting to the correct Router (check the name to see if it is correct) have the correct password.

2. I get no response:
2.1. Audio:
Check your microphone cables if you are using one. Make sure that your microphone is plugged into the correct port of the desktop or laptop computer. Try unplugging and re-plugging the microphone in, if that is unsuccessful restart your device. If your cell phone microphone doesn’t work, try restarting your phone if that is unsuccessful, switch the phone off, remove the battery reinsert the battery and switch on your phone. If that does not work, there may be a problem with your microphone and your phone may need to be sent to the manufacturer.

2.2. No one on other end:
If you call and it rings without a response, hang up and try again. Try until you get a response, after 10 minutes from the Check-In starting time and there is still no-one from the other end, you have done your due diligence and you are free to either claim a refund if you are a member or charge if you are a Mentor Coach. If there is a sudden device malfunction that affects the ability for the Check-In session to carry on as normal, log the time, date and Valueneurs™ involved then send it through to support@valueneurs.co.za.

2.3. Call not going through:
Check that the number is correct and try again. If that does not work, send a message through to ensure that it is not either a connectivity, hardware or software issue. If those possibilities have been eliminated suggest a different method of communicating perhaps through a different medium i.e. a phone call through the landline or a different device.

3. Behavioural:
3.1. I am having trouble establishing rapport

Conversation is strained:
Relax and focus on what is going on right in the moment. Work towards a solution. Listen to what the other person is saying. A conversation takes work from both ends. Understand that sometimes you might come face-to-face with a personal issue that you have never confronted before and this can be uncomfortable have courage and bear through it.

Recipient is rude:
Explain what is happening. Tell the recipient what you are experiencing in that moment. Explain how the way they are speaking to you is coming off as rude or inappropriate and that you would appreciate it if they spoke to you with tact and etiquette. If they continue to be rude state that you do not appreciate being spoken to that way and end the call. Report that individual to support@valueneurs.co.za.

Recipient is not forthcoming:
It is up to you to make sure you are understood and that you understand what is being said to you. If you do not understand something be sure to get the clarity you need to be able to apply the Coaching you receive. Additionally, if you are a Mentor Coach make sure the recipient member can carry out the coaching or mentoring discussed in the Check-In.

3.2. I feel discomfort

Admitting mistakes and faults can make people defensive and view you as an enemy. This can make people act with hostility this does not justify this behaviour. Calm down and confront your shortcomings this is the path to personal growth and development. No hostility from anyone on the platform will be tolerated. If someone is acting hostile towards you on the app do not engage them. Report them to support@valueneurs.co.za.

Cursing, swearing, racial, sexist or any inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Some allowances will be made since some people have higher tolerances to rude language however the level of rapport will determine how freely you can speak to each other. Avoid using inappropriate language unless you have previously contracted your tolerance for what is acceptable in established VMC and member communications.

Threats will not be tolerated. Do not joke about this, any threat will be taken absolutely seriously. Report any threats immediately to support@valueneurs.co.za. If you feel that the threat is imminent, contact one of the Emergency numbers below or link through to our Contact Page.

South African Police Service – 10111;

Emergency – 1022; 107 (landline); 112 (mobile);

Fire Department and Ambulance – 10177;

Paramedics (Netcare) – 082 911.

Inappropriate communications:
You should only receive communications from Valueneurs™ Platform during trading hours and should only relate to Valueneurs™ Platform topics. Unless you have specifically requested something from another Valueneurs™ Platform member, you should not receive anything from anyone especially if it is not Valueneurs™ related. Report that user immediately to support@valueneurs.co.za.

3.3. I have experienced misconduct

Skipping appointments:
Check-Ins can be cancelled 24 hours before the time for Members and 48-Hours for Mentor Coaches. This is to provide fair and sufficient time to make alternative plans. To perform due diligence while waiting for a platform member to “arrive” at the Check-In, either party must wait at least 10 minutes after the start of the Check-In before they can declare the other party a no-show. Be advised, if you skip an appointment you will be charged if you are a member by losing that session. If you are a VMC that skips an appointment you will not be paid for that session. Continuous skipping will see you dismissed from the platform.

Multiple complaints:
Multiple complaints against the same person will not be tolerated. Too many complaints in a limited time frame will be grounds for dismissal from the platform.

3.4. I am having trouble with engagement
Recipient not doing exercises/following advice:
For best results follow the advice given. If it does not seem correct to you, discuss it with the VMC you consulted. Try get clarity and find a method you can actually do and carry-out to get the results you want. You are responsible for making the changes in your life for the better, consider that if that is true, you are also responsible for making the changes in your life for the worse.

4. Resources Tab:
The Resources Tab is a place where VMCs can post inspiring and motivating posts that they deem relevant and appropriate for the Valueneurs™ Platform. These posts will be accessible on the Resources Tab on both Applications so consider that what you post will be widely available. Ideally you’d want to share something that you think would add value to the Valueneurs™ Platform. For example, Jordan Peterson has released a new book called 12 rules to live by. I could outline the 12 rules, describe them show an example or two, and suggest the author, ISBN, price etc.