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Darryn’s philosophy of embracing change and contagious thinking (which is seated in mindset) was brought about through his many years of experience in the commercial/corporate sector interacting with people on various levels. His experience spans freelance photography (having worked in the UK and the US), sales and sales management, working in the electrical engineering industry (on-site project manager), to owning a branding company.

These experiences have given him great insight into human nature. He has spent his life promoting personal growth, coupled with a diploma in NLP & Life coaching brings him to where he is today. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming paired with other coaching techniques and tools he will be able to coach you to shift your mindset. Darryn’s mantra is: “It’s not about perfection, it’s about growth”.

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Internationally accredited diploma in Neuro-Linguistic

Programming from Life Coaching from The School of Life

Internationally-Accredited Diploma in Life Coaching from Life Coaching from The School of Life

Certified Professional Facilitator from The School of Life

Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner

Reiki Master

Comensa Accredited

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