Burnout is real!

Are you constantly tired, and feeling like everything you do is an effort? Are you always seeing the glass as half empty? Do you find yourself making cynical remarks, cutting people off, and generally not being a very nice person? Are you struggling to sleep, have a loss of appetite and are often ill?

You could be in burnout mode!

While many of these symptoms could be the result of other factors in your life, and burnout isn’t a cut and dry diagnosis, it is important to be aware of when you start to experience these.


What is burnout?

Burnout is, essentially, the result of an accumulation of taking on too much which results in you becoming stressed and unable to cope. Burnout can be very closely related to having depression because when you’re there, you cannot see a way out.

This is why it is vital that, first, you tell someone, anyone, and that you make it clear that you are not sure why you feel the way you do, but that you know you need help. Very often, someone who is going through burnout and hasn’t admitted to it or realised it, will look at other people in that similar situation. They will tell themselves that if those people can manage then so too should they. But the truth is that no one person handles stress the same way. And, it is important to accept that. Your first step to recovering from burnout.


What are the steps to take after you’ve accepted you’re in burnout mode?


1. Get professional help

Qualified coaches can take you through the steps of dealing with your burnout and finding your way back to recovery.


2. Tell the people that need to know

From your family to your boss, your friends and your colleagues and even close clients – they all need to know where you’re at. You may feel embarrassed and you really shouldn’t. It can hit anyone at any time and those that matter will understand. If they don’t know, how will they assist you on your road to recovery?


3. Rest up!

This is vital! Yes, you have SO much to do, but if you do not get rest, you won’t be able to do anything. This is the time to pass on work to others, lean on friends and family to assist with home life and kids, and time to take some well-deserved rest. We realise it can be the toughest part of the recovery process, but remember, you are here, in this state, because you took too much on. It is time to let go!


4. Prioritise

A professional will help you to prioritise your workload and this will then help you to deal with the most important aspects to the least.  Remember that this recovery process is not just about the here and now, it will see you through for the rest of your life. The roadmaps that you lay in this time will help you to avoid going into burnout again. See this as a complete rejuvenation of your life in its entirety. You have to give yourself up to the guide. You have to let it all go so that someone else can take the reins. And, when you are ready, they will hand them back to you, along with a plan.


5. Document it all

Keeping a journal or even a verbal diary over this time can really add to the healing process. It can also be a go-to for when you start to feel overwhelmed again. Look back at what you wrote or said and see if there is a pattern emerging. Are you repeating past mistakes? Do you have that same feeling building up that makes you want to collapse or run away? A journal can help you gain the control each time you feel things slipping.


If you are there or think that you may be going through burnout, we encourage you to reach out to one of our esteemed and professional Valueneurs Mentor Coaches. Through a well-thought-out strategy, you can be on your way to recovery before you even realise it. 

Know that you do not need to do this on your own. There is someone there to guide you through this difficult time.

At Valueneurs, we pride ourselves on providing you with a variety of coaches who can assist should you feel you are on your way to burnout.  Take a look at what we have on offer – https://www.valueneurs.co.za/mentor-coaches/ 


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