We can have a survival life, where the day to day routines dominate our experience of life. Or, we can have a life by design, where those day to day moments are part of a bigger plan.

Consider that each action we take or don’t take, in this moment of time, will determine how our life looks or how we experience our life at some point in the future.

Let’s make that real.

If you opt to forego your exercise because of some work pressure that arose through poor planning, you run the risk of being a “victim of circumstance”. In the process, you miss out on your exercise, vital to your health, and you miss the opportunity to develop an ability to have courageous conversations with your colleagues. They may be about the team operating at a higher level of professionalism and productivity, which in turn may impact the results of the business or organisation where you work, as well as your career development and job security.

Instead of you and your colleagues experiencing yourselves as winners, a “settlers” mindset ensues. Then you go home to your family, without the stress reduction benefits of exercise or feeling proud that you honoured the promise you made yourself, and that has a knock-on impact where you feel disconnected from yourself and your family.

The rinse and repeat will pretty soon put you into a survival life, where little seems possible and it will all be about just going through the motions.  This is not where you want to be – you want a life by design.life by design

Working with a Mentor Coach provides an intervention, firstly to create the design you would like for your life, and secondly to give insight into how to implement this life by design. In addition, because most things don’t always go according to plan, for those moments when it does go off track, a means to stop the repetitive action and get back on track with your commitments. You will learn the ability to practice the art of courageous conversations.

I am most passionate about this area and always aim to lead by example, thereby demonstrating to my clients that it is very possible for them. Your life by design will be unique to you and my role is to show you that it is possible, no matter how bizarre you think your life design is.

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