There is one value that many of us don’t pay attention to and that is the value of self.

We are, after all, the most important person in the world.  That may sound very narcissistic, but, at the end of it all, if we do not look after ourselves, how will we look after others?

We go about our daily lives, wearing many hats and playing various roles, that we tend to forget that we need attention too.  We need to be listening to that inner voice, especially when its desperately calling out to us with a need.

As someone who has had her business liquidated, worked 20 hour days, survived breast cancer, and eventually burned out, I can attest to the value of self and self-care.  I am extremely passionate about whatever business I undertake, about my family, about putting in all I have to do something, and always keeping a level of integrity, that I tend to do too much, without thinking about the consequences on myself.

Having a burnout almost 10 years ago taught me many lessons, and the biggest was to take time out for myself, to nurture my soul, and to realise that there are others that can help me.

It is not just about having that bubble bath or spa treatment.  It is so much more.  It is certainly not about getting the washing done and finally getting into that Spring clean.  It is so, so much more.


Why is the Value of Self important?

Honestly, to try and live a fulfilled and focused life, you cannot do so from an empty tank.  You have to be constantly putting something back.  That something is different for everyone.  For some, it may be going for a run or spending time with family.  For others, it may be reading a book or having a chat with a good friend.

You need to find out what your something is and do it often.  And, you will know what that something is once you do it.  It may not even be a thing you do, it may be a feeling or a way of being.  But, you will feel invigorated and inspired after it.  You will find a renewed energy that wasn’t there before, and you will be able to move on and upward with a new view.

I know someone who used to refer to her something as her “ginger”, and the story is simply this – that when you are eating sushi, you are supposed to have a little of the pink ginger in between each type of sushi. This way your palate is cleansed and prepared for the next piece of delicious sushi.  Similarly, when she moved from one task or element in her life, she would take a little “ginger”.  Her ginger may have been a walk around the block, a moment of quiet, just thinking about her thoughts or time away from work altogether.

So, I urge you, before you find yourself in a situation of burnout or worse, find your “ginger” and apply the value of self.

Linda Remke is our founder and one of our Mentor Coaches and is here to help you find the right path in life, and of course, realise the value of self and self-care.  To connect with Linda, link through to her bio or book a few check-in sessions today.

In support of Breast Cancer Month.