We all know about the benefits of goal setting.  To live our lives without meaning and purpose seems like a waste, and we may not reach our goals if we are not focussed on them.
So, every new year, or after any major event in our lives, we decide we are going to set those goals.
But, sadly, most write a few notes down and rarely do anything about them. So, where are we going wrong and how can we set goals that will be followed through?
A little focus is required:


Making a bucket list of things to do at some unforeseeable time in the future is not only daunting but just plain impossible. Choose one goal and make that your focus.  We are talking about goal setting and not goals setting.  One at a time.


Yes, you may need to lose weight, you may want to travel the world, and you have always wanted to write a novel. But, if the goal isn’t motivating enough then you probably won’t follow through with it. Find something that gives you tingles when you think about completing it. Imagine, if you were asked to convince others that the goal was worthwhile, would you be able to? If it was a goal that really meant something to you, you would be able to convince anyone of it.


The term Smart Goal has been bantered around, and for good reason, it has merit. A Smart Goal is essentially a goal where you can answer these questions with a resounding yes:
1. Is it Specific?
2. Is it Measurable?
3. Is it Attainable?
4. Is it Relevant?
5. Is it Time Bound?
Following this guideline will ensure your goal is realistic and attainable. It also specifies a timeline so that it is not left as just another “to-do” item on your list.
If you find that your goal doesn’t fit these parameters, then either review the details of the goal or look at your goal setting again.


A goal is only as good as the paper it is written on, or computer screen or phone notepad. If you just talk about it, mull it over in your head or dream about it, then it isn’t a firm and fast goal.
A few tips around solidifying your goal setting:
Stick a note on your computer screen with the goal words
Make it your screensaver on your computer
Make it the background on your phone
Write it and pop it onto the fridge door or on a white board you will see every day
Look at it everyday so that you will not forget what it is and why you chose it


And with that been said, you will find there will be some hurting, some pain, some ups and downs along the way, as much suffering comes from greatness.
If you aren’t thinking about your goal on a regular basis, then its not the right goal for you.
Without any trials and tribulations, you won’t grow and the whole idea with a goal is to grow.
Where there is passion, there is fire, and where there is fire, someone will get burnt. Be aware of your goal and how it will affect you and others around you.  Remember, that there is always a helping hand out there.  Someone who can guide you along this journey towards your goal.  Our Mentor Coaches on our platform are the perfect partners.
And now ...
Take some time to think about what gives you tingles that you have yet to attain, and follow these steps.
Good Luck and let us know how your goal setting goes? We would love to hear all about your goals!