Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you start off on the right footing:
1. Try your idea out on others
Workshopping your idea to see whether its a viable option is a good place to start.
2. Name it
Generally a name comes from the service or product itself, or you may decide to use your name. Just make sure its clear what you do through the name.
3. Trademark?
Not all ideas need to be trademarked, but its best to check whether what you are offering is unique or not. If so, then look to putting your official mark on. This may pertain to the name and any catch phrases.
4. Fund or not?
If you can get away without asking for funding, then do that. But, if you do need some start up cash, then consider all the options, from bank to private lenders/investors.
5. Market Market Market
Setting up all your marketing platforms is key. Social media – consider which ones suit your offering – Website – look at where your business may be in 5 years time and choose the right format of website