From time to time we wish we could grow wings so that we could flY away and create a completely different experience on earth.


However, we can only flY when we FOCUS on, and LIVE from the whY.


We can draw lessons from geese and their flight patterns.  There are always one or two who will flY in front for a given period, then they make space for the others to lead as well.  They FOCUS and LIVE at that moment in and from the whY.  These geese flY in front so that the other geese can benefit from their service.


The word flYght is spelled with a Y because the i is not as important as the Y in You.  For instance, when I fear to do something I completely miss the reason why I needed to do it in the first place.  When I focus on the whY then I will be successful and or open to correction.


It is not about me, but rather whY something needs to be done.  I procrastinate when I seek my own comfort, gratification and agenda, despite the reason whY it needs to be done.  The moment I am driven by the whY I get things done in no time.


When I do something to benefit from it, I irritate people and they pull away from me.  The moment I do something because it is the right thing to do at the right time, people love and respect me and in so doing I attract them into my life and they allow me to influence them.


The word FAIL, in my book, stands for the “first action in learning”.  You can only fail forward away from the I in you.


A Valueneurs™ Mentor Coach can take you much further than where you would flY on your own.  Don’t flY alone.  Come flY with us.  We will lead you to where you can create a completely different experience on earth.

Your FlYght Coach



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