A little while ago I found myself stuck in a rut. Life wasn’t panning out just as I had planned it to, and I wasn’t in a good space.  Whether it was the media or the weather, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it – things were just feeling weird for me.


Yes, coaches also go through ups and downs.


I looked within. I reminded myself that “I am here and I am now”.  I knew that I had to let go of the idea that I could control everything and that worrying about something out of my control was useless. Easier said than done, but it was a start.


By pure coincidence or rather because it was clearly needed, I received an invite from a friend who had a spare ticket to Anthony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within seminar. He said the ticket was mine and all I had to do was get to London.

Gary Hirson Tony Robbins

I always marvel how the master will appear just when the student is ready.


And, I was so ready, for what, I wasn’t sure, but I was ready for something. I knew something had to change or happen.  Perhaps this was the change I needed.


I had always looked up to Anthony Robbins, because I do know Mentors need Mentors. So, I started to plan my trip. I was super excited and could actually feel the veil of gloom lifting from above my head already. I was about to experience an industry leader for 4 solid days. I was going to get up close and personal with all his concepts and lessons.  It was a heady space and I knew it would do the trick to getting me out of the doldrums.


While it’s not a great place to be, as a coach, it helps in those “down moments” to appreciate where others often find themselves. And, how we Mentors can help them.
Reaching out can be the way to pull yourself out of a bad spot, but often the reaching out needn’t only be to someone else, like a coach, it can also be looking for mediums and media that can inspire and uplift you. A quote, a book, a video, or even a feel-good news item. These can often make you realise just how to take that next step.
For me, I do have those other Mentors and Coaches that I touch base with every now and then. And, like with the Anthony Robbins workshop, these can be very powerful too.


I can tell you, without a doubt, that after my electric experience at Anthony Robbin’s workshop, I was on another level. I was able to see clearer and his powerful messages have helped me to step up my game, and of course, help my clients better.


While we can’t all go hopping on a plane to fly across the world to a magnetic workshop, we can reach out to Mentor Coaches, such as on the Valueneurs™ platform, and be connected within moments.


Sometimes, all it takes is a few words and a willing ear to get us going again. I urge you to connect and reach out where and when you can.


You can now connect with Gary via our Valueneurs™ platform.  Link through to read more on Gary in his bio page.