What do an Accountant and a Car Dealer have in common?


Not much really, except they both may own their own businesses, and they both go through stressful moments.


No matter your choice of business, an Entrepreneurial life can be super stressful, what with balancing personal and work elements all day.


Taking time out to reboot is essential, so consider these 5 ways to reduce stress:


1. Virtual Release
Now we are not telling you to pop on your VR glasses and disappear into another world. No! Reaching out to a virtual assistant or a virtual mentor, can make all the difference if called on regularly. Set your work life up so that you can call on your support structures when needed.


2. Connect with your Entrepreneurial BFF
Don’t let it become a ‘pity party’. Speaking to others in the same boat can often just lift your spirits. Who knows – you may realise that your issues are not as bad as you first thought. A way you can do this is by joining a business network.


3. Sweat it out
Partake in some form of exercise. A healthy body can better deal with an stressed mind. Exercise is a great way to disperse adrenaline that has built up in your body. And, you will soon see, as you become fitter, how much more you can handle in every day life.


4. Give Back
Taking time to help empower someone else, or giving your time to a worthy cause can make you feel good. It can also help you to realise what you can be grateful for in your own life. Giving always gives back, in many ways.


5. Family is Key
Its all about balance and spending time with family is key to finding it. Try switching off all electronic devices when its supper time and really connect with your loved ones. You will see the difference in your own demeanour and attitude in no time.