I grew up on a dairy farm and have many fond memories of Friesland cows, either lying down or standing still, with flies buzzing around their heads, eyes half closed and doing absolutely nothing, except ruminating or “chewing the cud” as it is commonly called.
This is something that us humans tend to do quite often too.  We ruminate about the past, as well as the adversities we have or possibly could face. We wallow in regret, stress, “what ifs” and fear. Yes, we need to take stock, but the trick is to reflect instead of ruminate. We need to learn from our mistakes and bounce back with optimism and determination.
Easier said than done, I know, but all tough situations can be overcome if we just take that first small step.  Go ahead and ruminate, but take those past situations, find the lesson in them, and learn from them. It may be a cliché saying, but we really are much like tea bags, in that we do not truly know our own strength until we are in hot water. We have all been in hot water, in one way or another, but not taking something valuable from the dip, is simply a waste.
Karen Powell
It may be that you maxed out all your credit cards, slipped badly into the red in your overdraft, or had your house repossessed. You may sit and think, “What possible lesson could I take from that?” Well, how about that you should assess how you came to be in that dreadful situation to begin with?  How about you look to soliciting the services of a good bookkeeper, should you be terrible with finances? Or, what about speaking to a professional who can give you advise on managing your financial goals and day to day runnings?
This is just one example of how you can turn a bad experience into a valuable and fruitful future.
Whatever you are dealing with right now, I hope this challenges you not to falter, not to let your circumstances limit and break you. To rather not ruminate on the past without an objective in mind, but to reflect, find the lesson, maintain your optimism, be resilient and bounce back!

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