The Easter holidays can be both a blessing and a bane, especially when you have to find ways to entertain the kids.

As an entrepreneur, you may work from home. So, we have put together some clever ideas which will keep your kids entertained for hours, and not upset your work flow.

We realise that most ideas won’t keep them entertained for too long, but it will be a bit of a reprieve for you.

1. The Reading Corner – For a mix of older and younger kids – set up a corner with soft pillows, blankets, and all types of books – the older kids can read or help younger ones page through

2. The Messy Corner – create a space, with lined and plastic flooring, and add water-based paint, paper, play dough, decorating bits, and let them go wild creatively

3. The Dress-Up Corner – gather old, used or borrowed clothing so that your littlies can dress up and maybe even come up with a cute play for you later. Add in props so that their imaginations can run wild

4. The Scavenger Hunt Corner – this one will require a wee bit of prep, but so worth it, as it will keep the kiddies busy for ages. Hide low cost and wrapped gifts all around the garden and house, then leave them to search – make sure the toys will keep them busy after they find them too

5. The Den Corner – grab all the blankets, sheets, pillows, and pegs you can find. Get them to build a hut – kids love to hide out and who knows, they may just take a little nap in there too