When you think about a shared economy, who comes to mind first?
A few others, you may not have known of –
Well, a new kid is on the block …

What is a Shared Economy Model?

Essentially, a collaborative consumption, where an owner has an asset, which he rents out to others for a fee.
Orginally the concept of shared economy was mostly where information was shared via a digital platform, and where the users could then maximize resources via an excess capacity model.
Did that sound quite “greek” to you?
We agree.
So, to dumb it down, a shared economy has also been referred to as the “Uberization” phenomenon.
And, we all know Uber, right?
That innovative company that created a business model, whereby they didn’t use any of their own assets, bar, of course, some capital to build their App.  Basically, they designed the concept of vehicle owners using their own vehicles to lift folk around.  And, now they have branched out into UberEats, whereby you can order that BigMac and have it delivered to you via an Uber Driver.  Brilliant! Ingenious!
So, why are we harping on this shared economy model?
Because it works.
Because it utilizes the peer-to-peer linking concept and also B2B, across an online platform, thereby eliminating unnessary costs, providing a service, and providing income, depending on which side you are sitting on.

How does Valueneurs™ fit in here?

Valueneurs™ works on this same principal, whereby our coaches rent out their services, to others, all via an easy-to-use online platform.
We are, essentially, connecting coaches with individuals, whether they be in the need of entrepreneurial advice or if they want to talk through a personal issue.
Shared EconomyAs a Mentor Coach, you are ultimately the Uber Driver.
As a Member, you are the passenger, using the Uber drive facility.
In our model, our coaches are available, through a booking system, to connect with, for a short 30 minute sessions, via a portal that suits you; like Skype, FaceTime, a simple call, or any other communication platform. In these short sessions, you will work with the coach to find outcomes and see where your triggers are linked to your values.
Over the next few weeks, we will be giving you all the information you will need, about the Valueneurs™ platform.

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Are you ready to get involved with this shared economy via the new age of online coaching?