User Benefits

Valueneurs™ is a UNIQUE and powerful electronic platform designed to connect people with mentor coaches. Underpinned by passion, experience and state-of-the-art technology, Valueneurs™ delivers multifaceted results. Valueneurs™ is designed to provide the user with the “convenience to connect” with a Mentor Coach. The ability to “check in” from anywhere and anytime, puts the power of dialogue in the hands of the subscriber. Valueneurs has successfully bridged the gap between technology and a personalised experience, providing safe spaces to engage with mentor coaches specific to their needs. The platform is available as an interactive application to access via smartphones, as well as computers and tablets.


By creating a platform of constructive dialogue we aim to fast-track users to achieve their short term personal and business goals more effectively, while building long-term “muscle” to be able to deal with problems more effectively when they arise. Our services are available to EVERYONE.  The exclusivity of mentoring and coaching services is no longer reserved for wealthy individuals and senior leadership in organisations only. Valueneurs™ will be accessible to anyone while offering high value at an affordable price!


Moving people forward! Our mission is to grow people by; helping them, help themselves. Valueneurs™ will be the FIRST CHOICE COACHING APP recommended to entrepreneurs and the rest of the South African community.  We will achieve this through various marketing campaigns and proven results and successes in the lives of our users. This shared economy business platform promises access for mentor coaches, to a diverse group of people, which will enable growth of their businesses in an ethical manner in the shortest possible time frame. SIMPLY SELECT & CONNECT.