Mentor Coaches

Valueneurs™ is made up of qualified coaches, celebrating their personal journeys as mentors by addressing various needs, both business related and personal, to help you move forward.

Intentionally serving others
Empowering growth, mentally and emotionally
Our Mentor Coaches are qualified, experienced and established in their field.

Affordable rates means that more people can take advantage of Mentor Coaching

Our coaches are providing lower rates as a means of giving back

All our coaches are qualified and go through a vetting process as well as Valueneurs training

Booking on Valueneurs gives you access to a wide variety of Coaches and time slots to choose from

You can connect with your selected Mentor Coach using any electronic platform

You can work with the same Mentor Coach in every session
or choose a different person each time, based on the discussion you would like to have.

Ann Baret

Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Development
Optimising Brain/Body System


Personal & Business Self-Management
Time-&-Task Accountability

Darryn Brooks

Employee Assistance
Change Champion
Contagious Thinking

Hilary Henderson

Life Coaching

Ian Houston

Business Leadership
Career Direction

Karen Cohen

Educational Learning Specialist
Mind & Body Transformation

Kerryn Powell

Business Leadership
Affecting Change

Linda Remke

Entrepreneurial Leadership
Business Branding

Maryna Fourie

Transformational Coaching
Adult ADD/HD
Project Management

Malcolm Fiellies

Career Coaching
Change Management
Business  Management

Mandy Russell

Authentic Leadership
Life by Design
Courageous Conversations

Sibylle Stehli

Loss/ Bereavement

Robyn Slot

Recovery Coaching
Wellness Coaching
(Diet, Health, Fitness)
Family Coaching (Divorce/Blended)

Ronelle Joubert

Life/Transformation Coaching
Pastoral Coaching
Relationship Coaching

Sophia Roman

Personal Change
Girls/Women Leadership